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Peter Pepper

had a vision: accessor ies designed to enl iven the work

envi ronment and assist employees to be more product ive. In 1952 that

¶ The mandate was clear : the strength of this vision

vision became a real i ty.

mus t s tar t by demand i ng the hi ghes t ca l i ber of des i gn , produc i ng an i nsp i red produc t

l ine of fer ing unparal leled select ion. ¶ Peter Pepper Products has consistent ly del ivered high

qua l i t y produc t s , i dent i f y i ng rea l so lut i ons and meet i ng the pr i ce spec i f i cat i ons of your mos t

complex problems, yet never compromising the integr i ty of the design. ¶ But Peter Pepper ’s vision

was also one of responsiveness and synergy. Establ ishing relat ionships based on par tnership and

performance, Peter Pepper ini t iated a new standard of attent ion to the cl ient relat ionship, def ining

customer ser vice as customer commi tment . ¶ At Peter Pepper Products we wi l l cont inue

to str ive to maintain the spi r i t of Peter Pepper ’s or iginal vision. ¶ Design and

Per formance , d i ver s i t y and prac t i ca l i t y. Vi s i on i s f ac t .

Peter Pepper Products.

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